My Interview for Lupus LA is Finally Published!

In my previous posts I mentioned that I had been interviewed by Lupus LA about my own personal journey with Lupus and access to healthcare. The video is finally here! Besides seeing my take on Lupus and healthcare, you will hear from medical experts and leaders in Lupus patient advocacy. You will also get to see and hear from some of my lovely students! I am so grateful to Lupus LA for all of the resources they provide for us Lupus patients and our families and medical practitioners and I am so grateful to the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), the students and families of the International Dance Conservatory at OCSA, and our director, Marlene Peña-Marin for being so supportive of this project. 

To see the video, click HERE

I hope you enjoy it.

A photo from the performance featured in the video. I'm accompanied by my friend, Gerardo Morales (guitar) and Wendy Marin (cante or vocals). My sister-in-law, Regina Ibarra, provided the video.

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