Back to a New Normal

From looking at the fact that my last post was in 2020, I guess I wasn't ready to get back to the blog then. I'm hoping I'm right when I say that I feel like I might be ready now. What's happened since I last wrote? Let's see, well, we were all in quarantine during the pandemic. Our former president irresponsibly created a run on Hydroxychloroquine, the one drug all us Lupies use to survive day to day. That was a freakin' nightmare. Personally, I was lucky enough to be able to teach from home and as things started to open up, I started officiating micro-weddings. My husband got a job at FedEx. So, we were fortunate enough to be ok enough. I have gained about 50 pounds and haven't truly gone back to my autoimmune protocol style of eating. I was working so hard on growing my wedding officiant business that I felt I didn't really have the bandwidth to focus on the diet. However, now that the pandemic seems to be winding down, I'm beginning to g

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